Public Relations

MPW couplePR is much more than just seeing your name in print

In today’s media-saturated world, successful PR isn’t just “getting your name out there.”

Your message?needs to speak to customers (or patients) in a language?that allows them to?understand and connect with you.

Business strategies for building and promoting fruitful PR campaigns are changing dramatically as traditional media (print and TV) is pushed aside by the Internet influencers, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Right now is the time to update, refresh or launch your firm’s public messaging that will attract “new media” and get your name in the news.

Dr. Adeyeri is Now a Contributing Writer for the Asbury Park Press

What do you have to say that the media wants to hear?

What’s your news? Will a reporter find it captivating?

We know the right reporters, editors and publications to tell your unique story who will reach as many viewers as possible.

Are You Maximizing Your ‘Raving Fan’ Base?

(Here’s a little free PR expertise):

Every business has a small and elite group of customer ‘fans’ who love and adore everything you do and say. They are your brand ambassadors and they tout your merits for free.

We’ll can help them share their support of you by connecting them with the media to tell your “story” for you.

It takes some training ?and skill to do this successfully but it is incredibly successful.

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